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Personalised Nurseryware

To make your bone china nursery gift totally unique, we can personalise it for you by adding a name and a date in a LIGHT GREY text which will be fired permanently onto the bone china.

Choose a nurseryware product. To the right of the product there is a form marked Add Personalisation. Click the checkbox and complete the form.

The name must be no more than 14 charachters including the letter spaces between each word. (there is limited space on the bone china pieces)
You can also include a date if required - Eg. 23/10/12

The positioning of the patterns on our nurseryware varies depending on the design and the actual bone china piece. We will ensure that the name and date is applied in a position that is sympathetic to the pattern on the product. All personalised text will be in a light grey colour suitable for girls or boys.

If you need clarification on this please contact us at or call us on +44(0) 01782 845870

Personalised products cannot be returned unless they are faulty.

We can only personalise nurseryware products that are bone china.